Nuestro Our Material Control Laboratory offers a support service for the creation of projects, technical assistance, in situ cleaning tests for facades, monuments and works of art, and analysis of samples of paint, salts, etc. at an international level.
Our technicians can travel to the location and collect the necessary samples for study, or they can be collected by the client and sent to our facilities by courier for processing.

These studies can serve to:

  • Define the work system in the project phase, thereby adapting it to the proposed process and your economic resources.
  • Select the most suitable products for a renovation of the type in the work phase.

We carry out the following studies, in collaboration with the Heritage Institute of the Technical University of Valencia:

Laboratory analysis and tests
• Material characterisation
• Determining of alterations
• Determination of physical and mechanical properties
• Artificial ageing tests

In situ tests for determining methodologies for intervention
• Cleaning tests
• Selection of preservation treatments (consolidation, waterproofing) and protection (anti-graffiti treatments, painting)
• Adhesion tests (mortars and paints)
• Colourimetric tests

Control and monitoring of pathologies. Preventive preservation
• Management and execution of quality controls
• Study and design of renovation mortars
• Monitoring of cracks and fissures
• Monitoring of moisture and evaluation of anti-moisture systems

Creation of reports, intervention proposal reports, plans and quality control improvements.

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Gallery of Work done

Some references of studies carried out

  • Material characterisation and ageing tests of the Fuente de la Diosa Cibeles fountain, Madrid. Madrid City.
  • Material characterisation and ageing tests of the facades of the Hospital Tavera, Toledo. Ministry of Culture.
  • Material characterisation corresponding to the main facade of the Club Domingo Pérez Concha, a building located in the historic centre of Santiago de Chile.
  • Material characterisation and ageing tests on the facades of the Palacio de Arteaga palace, Torrelaguna, Madrid. Canal de Isabel II.
  • Material characterisation of the facades of the Palacio de Zabálburu palace in Calle Marqués del Duero, 7. Mutualidad General Judicial. Madrid.
  • Material characterisation of the section of the wall of the Vivero de la Casa de Campo plant nursery. Madrid City.

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